Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays !

Most Christmas doodles that have graced the homepage of the Google search website over the past 12 years have been relatively simple designs that have changed the familiar Google logo. But the new screens doodle a collection of festive scenes created to suggest that the logo of a rather abstract.

Christmas Doodle has seventeen different frameworks. It was the work of six different artists and over 250 hours of work after six months of planning. All this for a Google Doodle? Wow! No wonder they chose to show their doodle today instead of waiting for Christmas Day, when many offline spend time with their families rather than on their computers. For most of the 17 images illustrate the great international sites like the Acropolis in Athens, the Great Wall of China and Sydney Harbour Bridge or cultural references.

There were bouncing balls, PacMan honor John Lennon sang, and Ina Garten offering cooking tips. What began as a simple tweak to two dimensions for the logo of Google as a private joke with its users has become a cultural marker, awareness of certain dates in the online space group and cause further controversy when some holidays passed for recognition.

The 30-year-old concept (which took about five artists to complete 250 hours) was to show the logo of the famous Via 17 portraits interactive scenes vacation around the world. Lopez wanted to travel on three days, ending on Christmas Day itself. But power had other ideas as they asked for Doodle to mount as a whole, and thus the process of six months has suddenly had a pretty hectic final.

Google has become famous for its regular production of doodles, not only for holidays but also for new events, birthdays and other special occasions. doodles earlier celebrated the Fourth of July, the Olympics, and even Einstein’s birthday. Each doodle plays typically around with the classic logo of Google, transforming it into something that visually can commemorate a special date in time.

Google has tried to appeal to their audience very broad and diverse, so they are challenged to come up with a doodle that celebrates the season without going into religious connotations. If you hover over each picture you can see more details of the individual: it is the Father to make a delivery, a festive meal, and scenes from different holiday worldwide.