Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hottest Politicians


Number 10
Former Miss Singapore Eunice Olsen, Singapore's youngest member of parliament when she was elected in 2004.

Number 9
Russian pollie Alina Kabaeva has been a member of parliament since 2007. The 25-year-old was ranked number nine on the list.

Number 8
Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's much-fancied Prime Minister, was ranked eighth on the list.

Number 7
Ireland's Toireasa Ferris was ranked seventh by the newspaper's readers.

Number 6
Blonde bombshell Anna-Maria Galojan shook up Estonia's parliamentary ranks. She also ranked at number six on the hot pollies poll.

Number 5
Mexican congresswoman Sara Luiz Chavez came under fire in 2007 when it was reported she owned a strip club in her home town, but that hasn't deterred voters in the online pole — she ranked fifth.

Number 4
Yuri Fujikawa, a municipal assembly member of Hachinohe, has numerous of fansites across the web dedicated to her. She comes in at number four.

Number 3
Gorgeous Italian politician Mara Cargafna has been the focus of many "hottest" lists before, but only managed to muster number three on this poll. The former model and showgirl was appointed Minister for Equal Opportunity last year.

Number 2
Peruvian foreign commerce and tourism minister Mercedes Araoz was very popular amongst voters. The 47-year-old professor was runner-up.

Number 1(You decide!)
But it's another Peruvian, congresswoman Luciana Leon, who has been crowned the world's sexiest politician.

Number 1
Australian Sports minister Kate Ellis (pictured), climate change minister Penny Wong and Federal MP Melissa Parke are listed in a Spanish newspaper's internet poll to find the world's most beautiful female politician.