Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Words...

Somewhere hidden inside this big world, Nepal now stands tall, defying autocracy, defying blood shed and defying the war. Nothing can stop the peace, unless there is a will. world ! Learn from us.

Nished Gautam

Kathmandu, Nepal.

Great and Historic Event to build a new Nepal.

(At the same time, people light candles at Maitighar Mandala welcoming the peace accord.)

(photo 1 :PM GP Koirala and Maoist supremo Prachanda signing the peace agreement.)
(Photo 2: Congratulation, PM Girija Prasad Koirala and Maoist Chairman Prachanda saking hands )
(Photo 3: Talking each other)
(Last Photo: Media’s live coverage.)

(Political leaders of various party.)

End of the war

(The agreement took place at Birendra International Convention Center, Baneswor, Kathmandu. see photo above...)

Much anticipated and long awaited historic deal, Comprehensive Peace Accord, has been signed by the Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Maoist supremo Prachanda on Tuesday (Nov21, 2006) evening formally ending Maoist insurgency in Nepal. The entire cabinet, political leaders, foreign ambassadors, dignitaries and members of the international press attended the historic moment at the Birendra International Convention Center (BICC) hall in the capital at 20:25

Ladai Ma Janata ( People in Civil War)

The real picture of 10 year long civil war.

(Funeral ceromony of Late King , Queen and their family who were killed in The Royal Massacarace in 2001)

(People protesting on the street)

(Nealese soldiers who had shown their bravity, sincerity and courageous in the second war posing for photograph)

(The damaged house by the Maoist)

(Maoist Militia )

(Maios0t combatant )

(The cover page of the book "A people war" .)

Snowfall in valley after 62 years

For the first time in around 62 years, Kathmandu Valley on Wednesday (Feb 15, 2007) experienced brief snowfall. Areas like Kirtipur, Babarmahal, Lagankhel and others saw snowfall for some minutes. It snowed for about 45 minutes, from 1:30 pm to 2:15 pm at Tribhuwan International Airport. The valley is about 4387 feet above sea level. Meanwhile, most areas in the eastern hilly region saw snowfall, while other areas experienced rainfall.
Jomsom, Sankhu-wasabha, Parbat and some other hilly districts saw about 2-3 feet of snow. The snow along with rainfall was due to the western disturbance in Pakistan and North west India.

Nished Gautam